We are so excited about this year's women's conference...Divine Romance...returning to our First Love!

Busy, busy, busy...that is the word for us all. When we finish one project, it is on to the next and the next. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can grow cold and distant from God. Even if we are in ministry, still we can find ourselves overworked and overwhelmed. As I was praying about this year's conference, I kept hearing the Lord speak to me, "Come Away with Me. Come Away with Me. I miss My time with you." I began to look at how busy life was: Family, Church, Friends, Job, School, Responsibilities.

My planner is color coded because I am somewhat OCD about organization. It looks like a masterpiece from Picasso. In my examination of my planner, I saw very little free time. Should I give God a color for my planner? I wonder what color it should be, red for the blood of Jesus? Where can I fit it in? Maybe I should pencil in God between the school line and groceries. Wait, before service I have a few minutes between sound check and Sunday school preparation. No, that is no good. Then, I hear those words again... "Come away with me. I miss My time with you." '

"But God I am doing things for you. All of this is for You. Mother, wife, school volunteer, Sunday school teacher, all of this is for You. And still You want more from me?"

The big revelation for me is that God doesn't want my works; He wants my love. Yes, He loves all I do for Him. He loves that I am committed to the ministry, committed to my husband and kids, and committed to being a Christian. But what is it all worth unless I have a close relationship with Him? He wants my attention.

When I first got saved, I would spend time in the Word, time in prayer and time just listening for His sweet voice. He was my one focus. Everything revolved around Him. Now, it is all on an assembly line. Hurry, God! You know I am so busy.

STOP! Now, is the Time to just slow down! Some things are good-things but not God-things. Recently, I was reading the scripture, "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain." I wonder how many "in vain" things we have done, trying so hard to make things work, when God was not really in it.

At this point in my life, more than ever, I want the Lord to build His house. I am willing for Him to be my Supervisor. When He speaks, I will listen and obey. When He says "Go," I will go. My planner is changing and I am happy about it. I have invited Him to be in control! For too long we have gone to church, but we have not functioned as the church (the called out ones). If we are going to be that mighty force that will change the world, first we need to respond to His foremost call in our lives, "Come Away with Me! Become My "Beloved"! (Eph. 1:6)

This September 18-20, we are holding a Divine Romance conference. It will be three days to Come Away with Him. Three days to listen to Him for that next move. Already, I feel an anticipation in my Spirit for what I know is going to happen. I stongly urge you to put this in your planner. Highlight it! Put a neon post-it on the dates! Come to The Sanctuary!!!

Elizabeth Shreve

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